Background Kalimaya 01.jpg

OFF the beaten path...

For this brand promo film, we were fortunate enough to shoot one of those last untouched places, in the heart of Indonesia – right on the doorstep to one of the most exciting dive destinations on our planet – East Sumbawa, West of Komodo.

Kalimaya Dive Resort is the first dedicated dive resort in East Sumbawa Island and the only dive operator offering day trip diving to West Komodo Island, Gili Banta, and Sangeang Volcano.

In addition to the master brand promo, we posted movies and pictures to Instagram to promote the resort through the process!

Creative Direction, Photography and Editorial: Aaron King

Background City Beach 01.jpg

Wouldn't it be great if there was a beach in Manhattan?

Design visionary, Blayne Ross wanted to make that dream a reality and so dreamed up the idea behind City Beach. A floating beach right off the pier in the city! This brand promo asks iconic New Yorkers what they think of the idea!

Creative Direction and Editorial:Aaron King;  Live Action Director: Bex Schwartz