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In the Grey

Logo Design and Title Sequence

This was a dream project because it was a true collaboration. Jenna came with a show concept and as she formulated what her vision for “In the Grey” - we formulated a brand platform that reflected her goals. This was first visualized with a logo and then brought to life in animation through a title sequence that vocalized months of dialogue. The result reflects her brand across all media.

In the Grey is an interview series that explores the unexpected sides of people and topics we think we know. Moving beyond a “black or white” perspective, the show reveals life’s complexities, what truly defines us, and what ultimately connects us. Peeling back all the layers, that’s where we find In the Grey.

Jenna Mack is the creator and host of the interview program, In the Grey. She is an experienced producer who was responsible for cultural segments on Charlie Rose, featuring renowned actors, writers, architects and designers. During that formative time at the acclaimed PBS broadcast, Mack’s vision for In the Grey took shape.

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The Home Court of College Hoops

Promo Package ESPN

ESPN wanted to create a “home court” venue for college basketball, where all of the teams come to compete under ESPN’s roof. To start, we designed a logo lock-up that incorporates the ESPN logo into the “O” of Home Court, which is featured on both the floorboards and the bottom of the jumbo-tron. This logo was then disseminated to the show packaging team to ensure consistency across the channel.

In order to promote every possible match-up in one venue, we created team banners that function as dynamic ensigns over the field of battle. Authentic lighting and details including dust in the air, fabric textures in the flags and a crowd alive with excitement all adds up to make the package a total slam-dunk. If you look really closely, you can even see our staff cheering on the sidelines!

To make the package versatile enough for versioning spots over the course of the season, we made match-ups in a modular fashion with team banners that can be swapped out to feature nightly match ups, projectors that beam highlights onto billowing screens and the jumbo-tron itself comes alive with animations featuring the night of the week and game line-ups. Multiple versions of these shots make for a highly editorial style, easy customization and help keep the ESPN brand ahead of the game.

Creative Director: Aaron King; Art Director: Steve HarperProducer: Bennett LieberHead of Production: Katie LarkinDesigners: Jorge Peschiera, Adam Levine, Patrick ArringtonCG Artists: John Magabunda, Michael Schaeffer, AJ KolbComposite Artists: Ryan Gotilla, AJ Kolb, Rodrigo de la Parra, Aras Darmawan; Roto: Anna Hieronymous; Music: Brian Aumueller

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Bloomberg Technology Conference 2015

Event Graphics Bloomberg

Bloomberg knows tech...

We animated screens to bring the conference to life, providing titles and info graphics that could be cued interactively alongside individual speakers

Creative Director: Aaron King; Art Director: Lawrence Nimrichter

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Lifetime Movie Network

Brand Identity A+E Networks


Redesign the brand (and it’s logo) to focus only on the moniker LMN instead of the longer title, Lifetime Movie Network, while creating a seamless experience for the viewer across all programming and promotion. With a strong emphasis on a vertical promotion strategy, the promotions needed to drive viewers seamlessly from movie to movie without distracting from the dramatic content of the features.

Above all the system had to allow for modular elements that can easily be updated without custom elements do that the new network operations can handle the promotion of the channel with minimal effort.


A movie channel at heart, the channel needed an image that fit within the A&E family as well as complimenting the main Lifetime channel, while still feeling cinematic – bold and romantic with a distinctly feminine attitude.


Through line was our conceptual platform that drove the design of custom typography for the logo design and package. Inspired by film traveling trough a projector, all the brand navigation elements emulate the twists and turns found in the plot lines of a Lifetime movie as promo messages animate from message to content and back again.

Creative Director: Aaron KingArt Director: Steven HarperHead of Production: Katie LarkinLead Designer: Jiyeon KimDesigner: Nate HoweAnimators: Danny Kamhaji, Frankie Principe, Ege Soyuer, Adam Levine, Gabriel Tick, Miguel Delcan, Gabriel Tick

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Brand Identity A+E Networks

Rebrand the History International Channel to reflect the interactive experience and position the channel to be home to best in infotainment. A space to make connections that elude the average viewer and make the H2 viewer the smartest guy in the room, with something to add to every subject thanks to their insight on every subject under the sun. H2 is the place to find MORE 2 HISTORY. With this is the new position line, we needed to support that goal, and craft a brand image that made it feel like you can explore the content.

There is huge equity in the History logo. Gold and chiseled, it is iconic – but decidedly not modern. We needed a way to position the network as a modern source of timeless stories. H2 gives a fresh perspective on History.

It all started with the logo. We paired the classic H with clean modern typography – balancing the old and new. By tilting the logos off angle and weaving them together in a way defies physics, we arrived at a solution that directly implies depth while subtly hinting that “there’s something unexpected here.” The on air package was inspired by this philosophy. Interactive in design the package transports the viewer from one experience to another – always hinting that there is more to explore.

Creative Director: Aaron King Art Director: Steve Harper Head of Prod: Katie Larkin Lead Designers: Jiyeon Kim Designers: Marcos Girado, Matt Naboshek AnimatorJun Sik Na, Frankie Principe, Jordan Makow, Braden Wheeler, Michael Schaeffer, Quentin Bellow, AJ Kolb

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Primrose Hill Productions

Production Card

Creative Director and Designer: Aaron King

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Brand Identity Pitch

Creative Director: Aaron King; Designer: Earl Jenshus

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Destination Discovery

Brand Identity Pitch Discovery Netowrks

It's the journey that counts!

This concept uses a pushpin as the main branding device to take the viewer on a journey from one destination to another. The landscape and palette continuously evolves depict an endless variety of content.

Creative Director: Aaron King; Art Director: Matt Naboshek

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Promo Package Pitch

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ABC Sports

Logo Design and Brand Identity ABC

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Women & Co

Brand Identity and Book  Citi & Womenkind!

Creative Director and Designer: Aaron King; Illustrator: Chris Carboni

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Brand Identity

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Breedlove Motorworks

Brand Identity