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Main Title  Showtime

For Showtime’s adaptation of Barbershop we created a title sequence that celebrates the Barbershop as the cultural hub of the community. Collaborating with a barber that specializes in creative haircuts, we shot the process in action within a real Harlem barbershop. The space was a virtual hall of mirrors which provided a shooting challenge that really helped create the filmic style that makes this piece stand out.

Director: Aaron King  Director of Photography: Eric Zimmerman  Editorial: Lee Gardner

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NY Ink

Main Title Sequence  TLC

Working in concert with the tattoo artists, we created custom graffiti art for each cast member and showcased them them to the gritty, ink-stained streets of New York City.

Director: Aaron King; Art Director: Steven Harper; Producer: Katie Larkin; Editor: David Gargani; Designer: Jiyeon Kim; Animators: Frankie Principe, Patrick Arrington, Junsik Na, Jeff Kordova

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The Purple Rose

Main Title Design, Edit and Animation  Wassat Productions

Director Jodi Binstock of Zombie Nation and Web Therapy fame approached us to craft a title sequence for her first film in the Purple Rose series. Our editorial approach was to tease more than reveal - raise more questions than answers. The design process led us to make subtle glitches in the footage and title that gave hits of purple color while setting the viewer on edge.

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Nobel Son

Main Title  Unclaimed Freight Productions

Creative Director: Aaron KingAnimator: Lee Mylks

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Main Title  SyFy

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In the Grey

Logo Design and Title Sequence  World Why Productions

In the Grey is an interview series that explores the unexpected sides of people and topics we think we know. Looking beyond the black and white, we formulated a brand platform brought this idea to life.

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Primrose Hill Productions

Production Card

Creative Director and Designer: Aaron King